10 Reasons Why Guns Should Be Legal

We have heard and watched the news and how, as the days pass, more and more people become violent. Lately, we’ve seen more mass shootings, robberies, looting, and murders involving unregistered guns that sold in the black market. Anyone can buy guns anonymously and get away with their crimes. This practice is dangerous, and the world as we know it is less safe if this continues.

There are laws about unregistered guns sold in black markets, and authorities have done so much to help avoid crimes like these again with their limited resources. As much as authorities try to control the situation, illegal sellers and buyers are popping increasing each year. With more restraints and verifications to purchase a gun, it is harder to buy a gun. Here are ten reasons why guns should be legal.

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1.To Preserve Liberty

Statues of soliders holding gun
Statues of soldiers

These days, owning a gun is a sign of freedom because it is hard to get a gun and a license to own a firearm. A person can take pride, enjoy sports-related to weapons, and be protected at the same time while possessing a gun. It also preserves a person’s liberty, and the study shows that the majority of people who own a weapon feels free but is still careful when using one.

2.To Protect You and Your Family’s Life

Robber in black balaclava cracking door with crowbar
Robber in black balaclava cracking door with a crowbar

With crime rates going up every day, families couldn’t sleep peacefully at night knowing that any minute someone might come barging in their homes, breaking and stealing their things, and even hurting them. With a gun nearby, families will feel protected when they try to break in and hurt them.

3.It Is Your Right to Own One

Again, every day, the crimes around the world never end, and it is your right to defend yourself. If in defense you need to carry a gun, then you definitely should. It’s better to have protection than being defenseless in a world where harmful acts may result in life or death situations.

4.Guns Will Keep You Safer

A suspicious person in a hoodie
A suspicious person in a hoodie

Again and again, guns will protect you when you are alone and surrounded by dangerous people. In a study conducted, guns are used as a defense weapon than a murder weapon, especially in America. The majority of murder weapons are knives and other mundane items that are just in reach compared to guns, so reasons that guns should be illegal because they are used as a murder weapon are false. More people owning guns will result in lesser crimes. Last year, over two million crimes were stopped because the people who were present in those times have guns, and the weapons were used to stop the criminal from hurting people.

5.Criminals Will Have a Hard Time Obtaining Guns

When this issue is legalized, criminals will have a hard time getting guns because everything will go through a process, and it will be easier to track down owners who have mishandled their arms or used it for crimes. This way, high profile criminals will have to think harder, resulting in them not having to perform what they are thinking of.

6.Having a Gun Will Make You More Responsible

One of the other reasons why guns should be legal is that it will make you more responsible. When you buy a gun, you will need to have a license that will be in the system forever. Your record will keep you conscious of how you handle your weapon because a small mistake can harm others, and there is no escaping the law. Most people who carry a gun are law-abiding citizens to live their lives comfortably and enjoy all the little perks in life.

7.You Could Feed Your Family

A wild red deer in natural environment
A wild red deer in a natural environment

Owning a gun can let you explore the world of hunting, which is an excellent alternative to buying food. You can hunt for your family’s food, and it will teach you like skills you thought you never needed. You can also show your family how to hunt game and contribute to cutting down energy. With the world’s populating is increasing, and demand for food will always be high, hunting can help curb that.

8.You’ll Be More Knowledgeable When It Comes to Guns

Most guns bought in secret are used carelessly. When things become legal, some training and seminars accompany this for the proper use and handling. When we learn about guns properly, we can teach the next generation how to handle weapons for their protection. With this kind of mindset, there will be less crime, and guns’ safety and better handling will become more commonly practiced.

9.Guns Will Help You Focus and Be More Responsible

Buying guns illegally is not beneficial compared to having them legally. You can be more mindful, and you can be more focused. Shooting is also a sport, and using your gun as a sport will help you exercise your mind and your skills that will also help you with everyday activities.

10.You Can Help Others

Being in a dangerous situation such as a mass shooting or a bank robbery will put you in a dangerous situation where your life and others are at risk. If you had a chance to prevent such a situation from occurring, a firearm at your side would de-escalate or stop the perpetrator. Instead of being a victim, if there were many citizens with weapons, society would prevent mass shootings from happening or robberies from going on too long.


There are many great reasons why guns should be legal, and we’ve covered the most popular ones. In today’s time, there are still plenty of irresponsible gun owners that require more education about its use and handling. It is not easy to have a gun, especially if your mental health is unstable, and if others in your household are not adequately prepared to have one in the house.

But just like everything else, you need patience, focus, and responsibility to own a weapon that could potentially hurt you or your family if not handled properly. If you think gun ownership should be legalized, would you get one for yourself? Before you get one for yourself, make sure you are also prepared and know how to use one in case of an intruder or if you are put in an unsafe situation. We can never run away from danger, but we can protect ourselves and our loved ones from harm.

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