300 savage ammo for sale
The 300 savage ammo must penetrate and expand consistently to produce reliable, clean kills. For this reason, we stock Quality 300 savage ammo for sale. The .300 Savage cartridge is a rimless, .30 caliber rifle cartridge produced by savage arms in 1920. It was introduced to replace the .303 savage in their popular Savage Model 99 lever-action rifle.
150-grain 300 savage Cartridge
The 150-grain 300 savage Ammunition can move in a particular direction at over 2,600 fps (790 m/s). It has a superb killing range of over 300 yards (270 m). We also have the 180-grain 300 savage bullets for sale.
300 savage is suitable for moose hunting and kills deer and elk. It is accurate in bolt action rifles and can be a helpful cartridge to hunters.
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