35 Whelen AMMO

The .35 Whelen ammo is a rifle cartridge that was developed by Colonel Townsend Whelen in the early 1920s. It is based on the .30-06 Springfield case necked up to .35 caliber. The cartridge offers good performance for hunting various game, including medium to large-sized North American game.

reputable brands that produce 35 Whelen ammunition

  1. Federal Premium: Federal Premium offers a variety of 35 Whelen ammo options with different bullet types and weights, designed for hunting and target shooting.
  2. Remington: Remington is a well-established ammunition manufacturer and offers 35 Whelen cartridges suitable for hunting various game species.
  3. Winchester: Winchester is a trusted brand known for its quality ammunition. They produce 35 Whelen ammo with different bullet designs and weights for different hunting applications.
  4. Hornady: Hornady is renowned for its innovative bullet designs and high-quality ammunition. They offer 35 Whelen cartridges optimized for hunting performance.
  5. Nosler: Nosler is known for its premium bullets, and they offer 35 Whelen ammunition with their renowned bullets for superior accuracy and terminal performance.

What type of game hunting with the 35 Whelen?

The 35 Whelen cartridge is a versatile round that is suitable for hunting a variety of game species. The cartridge’s power and performance make it well-suited for hunting medium to large-sized North American game.

With the 35 Whelen, you can effectively hunt game such as deer, elk, moose, black bear, and other similar-sized animals. The cartridge offers good stopping power and penetration, making it suitable for taking down game in various hunting scenarios.