38 Special ammo for sale

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The 38 Special ammo is a uniquely designed cartridge commonly used in revolvers, although it can also be found in semi-automatic handguns. It has a rich history of being utilized by US police and military personnel as a sidearm cartridge in various wars. In some regions, it is referred to by the metric designation of 9.29×29.5mmR. We have a selection of 38 Special ammo available for purchase.

The 38 Special cartridge is known for its controlled recoil and high accuracy, making it a popular choice for revolver enthusiasts. With a 148-grain bullet traveling at a speed of 690 ft/sec, it is suitable for target shooting, self-defense, and hunting. These cartridges can also be used in specific semi-automatic handguns. Our store offers a variety of 38 S&W pistols from different reputable brands.

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