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The .38 Special amo is a popular rim, centerfire cartridge for use in revolvers. This load goes by several names like; .38 S&W Special,.38 Smith & Wesson Special,38 Spl,38 Spc, or 9x29mmR.

The.38 Special ammo for sale typically fires a 100-158-grain bullet at velocities ranging from 700–1,150 ft/s. Handgun lovers prefer this cartridge for its accuracy, low recoil, and adaptability. It is equally adaptable in .38 Special-capable revolvers and semi-automatic pistols.

In addition to the standard .38 Special cartridge, +P and +P+ versions offer increased muzzle velocity and stopping power. However, it is essential to note that higher-pressure cartridges may not be suitable for all firearms. Therefore, it is ideal for use only in guns that can handle high pressure.


In today’s firearm and ammunition world, the .38 Special ammo for sale is one of the most widely recognize and accessible handgun cartridges for self-defense, target shooting, and law enforcement purposes. Some reasons for this affirmation are partly due to its size, early fame, and popularity over decades.

The .38 Special amo has a long history that dates back to the late 19th century and was first introduced in 1898 by Smith & Wesson. Smith & Wesson designed the new load to replace the .38 Long Colt cartridges, which had proven ineffective against the Moro rebels during the Philippine-American War. Therefore, the .38 Special ammo is more powerful than the .38 Long Colt but compatible with existing revolvers initially designed for use by the .38 Long Colt cartridges.

Over the years, the .38 Special cartridges have undergone several changes and improvements. For example, in the 1930s, a high-velocity version of the cartridge, known as the .38 Special +P, came to light. This +P cartridge type has a higher-pressure load and heavy bullet, increasing its muzzle velocity and stopping power.

Also, in the 1950s, a semi-wadcutter version of the .38 Special cartridge was introduced, featuring a flat nose and a sharper shoulder. This design improved the cartridge’s accuracy and made it more effective for target shooting.


Today, the .38 Special amo is available in various loadings and bullet types, ranging from lightweight hollow points for self-defense to heavy, hard-cast lead bullets for hunting. To sum up, it remains one of the world’s most versatile and widely used handgun cartridges.

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Like other firearm cartridges,38 Special ammunition has several varieties. Unlike several different firearms, most.38 Special revolvers can fire various cartridges and loads in the same cylinder. Popular .38 Special ammo for sale includes:

  1. FMJ (Full Metal Jacket): The lead bullets in these cartridges are wrapped in hard metal, and their shells are made of steel, brass, or aluminum. This ammunition type is suitable for target shooting and practice.


  1. JHP (Jacketed Hollow Point):.38 Special ammo’s JHP bullet has a hole in the middle, which enables it to expand upon impact, creating a more significant wound channel. JHP bullets are typically for self-defense use.


  1. Lead Round Nose: This type of ammunition is similar to FMJ ammo, but the bullet is made of lead instead of being fully jacketed. Lead round-nose bullets are typically fit for target shooting and practice, as they are less expensive than JHP or FMJ ammo.


  1. Fragile: It is essential to know that frangible bullets don’t spread out like JHP rounds when they hit a target. Advanced Energy Transfers (AETs) are what make.38 Special loads explode and break into small pieces instead of over-penetration. This AET works as long as the target is harder than the bullet.


  1. Total metal jacket (TMJ): .38 Special TMJ ammo is similar to FMJ ammo, but the lead bullet is encased in copper. This means less lead is visible than with FMJ bullets, which have a spot inside the casing where the lead is not covered.


  1. Wadcutter & Semi-Wadcutter: These Bullets type have a flat nose and a sharp shoulder, which helps to cut a clean hole in the target and improve accuracy. The Wadcutter & Semi-Wadcutter bullets are excellent for use in target shooting and competitions.


  1. +P (Plus P): This is a higher-pressure load of the .38 Special cartridges. The +P ammo has significant muzzle velocity and stopping power. Worthy of note is the fact that this type of ammo is suitable for firearms design for +P ammunition. Using +P ammo in a firearm that is not adaptable can cause damage to the gun and increase the risk of injury to the shooter.


  1. +P+ (Plus P Plus): This ammo is usually only given to people on duty, like police and soldiers, because it has more pressure than +P ammo.

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Some general ballistics for standard .38 Special ammo include:

  1. FMJ – Velocity: 800-900 ft/s, Energy: 185-250 ft-lbf
  2. JHP – Velocity: 800-900 ft/s, Energy: 200-300 ft-lbf
  3. LRN – Velocity: 700-800 ft/s, Energy: 150-200 ft-lbf
  4. WC – Velocity: 700-800 ft/s, Energy: 150-200 ft-lbf
  5. +P – Velocity: 950-1100 ft/s, Energy: 300-350 ft-lbf

It is important to note that these are general ballistics and can vary depending on the specific manufacturer and load.


There are many popular brands of .38 Special amo available on the market. Here are some of the most accessible ones:

  1. Federal Premium: Federal Premium is a famous brand among shooters and law enforcement agencies. They offer a range of .38 Special ammunition, including Hydra-Shok, HST, and American Eagle.
  2. Hornady: Hornady is another sought-after brand that offers a variety of .38 Special ammo, including Critical Defense and Critical Duty.
  3. Winchester: Winchester is a trusted name in the ammunition industry and offers a range of .38 Special cartridges, including Super-X and PDX1.
  4. Remington: Remington is another in-demand brand that offers a variety of .38 Special ammo, including Golden Saber and UMC.
  5. Speer: Speer is a popular choice among law enforcement agencies and offers a range of .38 Special cartridges, including Gold Dot and Lawman.



Whether you are a seasoned shooter or new to firearms, the .38 Special ammo is a reliable and versatile ammo choice. You can find quality .38 Special amo at our store for sale at affordable prices to fit your needs. Make us your trusted ammo supplier. We ship worldwide.

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