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.The 30-06 ammo for sale in stock was first introduced by the US Army in 1906. and the 30-06 Springfield ammo for sale was eventually widely accepted. In the late 1970s, it was still in use. The number “30” denotes the caliber of the bullet in inches. The “06” refers to the year in which the cartridge or ammo was first introduced, which was 1906.

The 30-03, 6mm Lee Navy, and 30-40 Krag cartridges were all meant to be replaced by it. For nearly 50 years, the 30-06 was the standard rifle and gun cartridge of the United States Army, until it was replaced by the 7.6251mm NATO and 5.5645mm NATO, which are both used in the US and NATO. It still is an important sports cartridge, with ammunition from all manufacturers available.

The 30-06 Ammo for sale in stock was developed with 1,000-yard shots in consideration. The original M1906 30-06 cartridge used a 150-grain flat-base cupronickel-jacketed bullet. Post World War I, the US army demanded more powerful long-range machine guns. Based on weaponry performance reviews from Europe, a streamlined, 173-grain boattail, gilding-metal bullet was selected. The 30-06 cartridges with such a bullet weighing 173 grains were referred to as a cartridge, 30, M1 ball.

The 30-06 ammo  was significantly more powerful than the Japanese 6.550mm cartridge, and it was equivalent to the Arisaka 7.758mm cartridge. In terms of accuracy, the new M1 ammunition outscored the M1906 round. In the early 1890s, the US military used the smokeless powder 30-40 Krag rim cartridge. In 1894, a 220-grain (14 g) round-nose bullet was utilized in the generation of the cartridge.

In 1901, the US began developing an innovative rimless cartridge for Rifle actions with box mags. This resulted in the 1903 30-03 rimless military round, which featured the same 220-grain round-nose bullet as the Krag. The muzzle velocity of the 30-03 was approximately 2,300 feet per second. The cartridge can be purchased from several different suppliers on our site. Our best-selling products are the top manufacturing brands. You’ll discover a range of 30-06 Springfield ammo from various manufacturers in our stores.

Top-selling 30-06 Ammo

  1. Hornady: When it comes to ammo, Hornady is the most well-known name. The bullet weight of the Hornady 30-06 Springfield is roughly 125 grains. It has a Polymer Tip on its bullet and a brass case. It has a muzzle velocity of 2700 fps and muzzle energy of 2023 ft-lb.
  2. Federal: Federal is yet another well-known brand in the ammunition industry. The Federal 30-06 Springfield has a muzzle velocity of 2740 feet per second and muzzle energy of approximately 2500 foot-pounds. It has a bullet weight of 150 grains and is a complete metal jacket bullet. Furthermore, the case is made of brass.

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30-06 springfield ammo for sale
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