We offer a wide selection of 300 Blackout ammo that is highly recommended for various purposes such as target practice, self-defense, and animal hunting. This intermediate cartridge was initially developed for military use in the US M4 Carbine, but it has gained popularity among civilian shooters as well.

The 300 Blackout ammo, also known as 300 AAC Blackout, delivers impressive performance and efficiency. With a velocity of 2,215 feet per second, it offers excellent accuracy and speed, making it a reliable choice for shooting animals.

Compared to the 223 Remington, the 300 Blackout is a larger cartridge. It is available in different configurations such as SST (Super Shock Tip), OTM (Open Tip Match), and Poly-tip, providing versatility for various shooting needs.

We take pride in offering the highest quality 300 Blackout ammunition from top manufacturers. Our inventory includes renowned brands like Hornady, Remington, Federal, and more. Hornady’s 300 Blackout ammo is well-suited for self-defense purposes due to its exceptional speed. Federal’s 300 Blackout ammunition works excellently with 150gr FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) bullets. Remington’s 300 Blackout ammo is ideal for hunting applications.

Buck shot and guns offer bulk purchasing options at the lowest prices, thanks to our partnerships with leading ammunition brands. Whether you need a large quantity for practice or hunting, our stores have budget-friendly packages to suit your needs.