The 243 win ammo for sale is a famous rifle cartridge for hunting and target shooting. Winchester developed this round as a versatile short-action load for hunting small to medium-sized game animals. Its heavier bullets can take down animals like pronghorns, mule deer, and blacktail deer. In contrast, its lighter bullet grains are effective for varmint hunting.

For hunters and shooters needing an effective and powerful load for deer hunting, the 243 Winchester ammo is the bullet for the task. As a result of its accuracy, flat trajectory, and power, it is also effective for long-range shooting.

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In this blog post, we have gathered important information on the 243 ammo to help you choose what armor is best for your shooting needs.


The .243 ammo or 243 Winchester ammo is famous ammunition for deer hunting thanks to its property of which flat trajectory, high velocity, and accuracy. Because of these properties, the 243 ammo produces clean kill on deer.

As a hunter or shooter, when buying a 243 Winchester ammunition for hunting, it is important to pay attention to the bullet’s weight and construction. For instance, a 243 ammo bullet weight between 85 and 100 grain is suitable for deer hunting. In addition, select a bullet with a controlled expansion design, like the Nostle Ballistic Tip or Winchester Ballistic Silvertip, to ensure proper penetration and terminal performance.

Equally important is to select a rifle appropriate for deer hunting with 243 ammo.


Bullet Specification

  1. Parent case: .308 Winchester
  2. Case capacity; 53.7 to 54.8 gr
  3. Case length; 51.9 mm (2.045 in)
  4. Overall length; 68.83 mm (2.7098 in)
  5. Bullet diameter; 6.2 mm (.243 in)
  6. Base diameter; 12.0 mm (.471 in)
  7. Land diameter; 6.0 mm (.237 in)
  8. Neck diameter; 7.0 mm ( .276 in)
  9. Rim diameter; 12.0 mm (.473 in)
  10. Shoulder diameter; 11.5 mm (.4541 in)
  11. Primer type; Large rifle
  12. Rifling twist; 1-10 to 1-8
  13. Max pressure (C.I.P); 60,191 psi
  14. Max pressure (SAAMI); 60,000 psi


Regarding the .243 ammo ballistics, it has a flat trajectory and high velocity. Below is some common ballistics information for this bullet type:

The bullet weight of the 243 Winchester ammo ranges from 55 to 100 grains, with muzzle velocity ranging from 2,800 ft/s for lighter bullets and about 4,000 ft/s for heavier bullets. As a result of these velocities, the bullet travels with a speed of about 1,800 ft-lbf for lighter bullets and 2,000 ft-lbf for heavier bullets.

Thus, the 243 ammo is a versatile round that is well-suited for a variety of purposes. When selecting cartridges for your specific use, consider factors like bullet weight, construction, and velocity to ensure you use the best ammo.


Generally, the effective range of .243 win ammo for hunting small to medium-sized games is around 400 to 500 yards. However, this can vary depending on the specific load and rifle used.

Regarding varmint hunting and target shooting, the 243 Winchester  extends beyond 500 yards. Some shooters have reported achieving successful shots at distances up to 800 yards.


This ammo is used for several purposes, like hunting and target shooting.

Firstly for hunting, it is often used in taking down deer, antelope, and other medium-sized game. Also, the cartridge’s high velocity and flat trajectory make it effective at longer ranges, while its light recoil facilitates shooting.

In addition to hunting, the 243 ammo for sale is used in varmint hunting, where its high velocity and flat trajectory make it effective at long ranges.

Finally, it is also a popular round for target shooting, especially at long-range shooting competitions.


  1. Flat Trajectory: One of the main advantages of .243 ammo is its flat trajectory. This flat trajectory means that the bullet stays relatively close to the line of sight, even at longer ranges, and this makes it easier to shoot accurately at longer shots;
  2. High Velocity: .243 win ammo is known for its high velocity, which helps the bullet maintain its energy and trajectory over longer distances;
  3. Accuracy: Due to its accuracy, this load can hit a target with ease;
  4. Versatility: This load is suitable for a variety of situations, including hunting and target shooting;
  5. Light Recoil: The 243 has relatively light recoil, producing less of a kick when fired. As a result, it is a good bullet for small and new hunters.


  1. The Winchester Ballistics Silvertip 95 grain has a polymer tip that enhances accuracy and expansion on impact;
  2. Federal Premium Vital-Shok Nosler Ballistics Tip: this ammo is a 95-grain Nosler Ballistic Tip bullet that is specifically designed for optimal expansion and penetration;
  3. Hornady American Whitetail: This 234 ammo type is a 100-grain InterLock bullet developed to provide consistent expansion and high-weight retention;
  4. Remington Core-Lokt: This bullet features a 100-grain Core-Lokt bullet designed for optimal penetration and expansion;
  5. Barnes VOR-TX is an 80-grain bullet that produces rapid expansion and deep penetration.

Ultimately the best .243 Winchester ammo for deer hunting will depend on your specific needs and preferences and the firearm used. Additionally, it’s important to make sure that you use a bullet weight and construction appropriate for the size and weight of the deer you are hunting.


In conclusion, the 243 Winchester ammo is a versatile load specially designed for hunting deer and other situations like a varmint. You can find high-quality 234 ammo at our store at affordable prices for your hunting and target shooting needs.

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