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Regarding high power ammunition, one of the most popular options is the 7.5-FK ammo. This round has impressive ballistics and effectiveness on targets, and it serves a variety of applications.

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In this blog, we will discuss the history of 7.5 FK ammunition, its ballistics, uses, advantages, and what makes it an effective option for shooters. In addition, we will explore the best and most effective range of 7.5 FK Brno to help you make informed decisions about this ammunition.


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7.5 FK or 7.5 Brno is a new cartridge developed by the Czech firearm company FK Brno Engineering s.r.o. It is a high-performance cartridge suitable for both hunting and self-defense applications. This caliber bridges the power, efficacy, range, and accuracy gap between standard handgun and carbine rifle calibers. While being compact enough for use in a standard-size automatic pistol with a 5- or 6-inch barrel.   

The 7.5-FK ammo originates from the necking down of the .30 Remington cartridge case to accept a 7.5mm bullet. This load delivers high velocity and energy to a target while providing good accuracy and manageable recoil. For instance, it typically loads a 95-grain bullet that travels at a speed of around 2,000 ft/s, giving it a flat trajectory and good penetration. 

Since the 7.5-FK ammo is a new round, only a few firearms are available for this cartridge. However, despite being new, it is popular due to its high performance, making it suitable for various applications, including hunting, self-defense, and target shooting.



  1. Case type; Rimless, bottleneck
  2. Parent case; .404 Jeffery
  3. Case length; 1.063 in (27 mm)
  4. Case capacity; 1.50 cm3
  5. Overall length; 1.378 in (35 mm)
  6. Bullet diameter; .307 in (7.8 mm)
  7. Neck diameter; .335 in (8.5 mm)
  8. Land diameter; 0.296 in (7.51 mm)
  9. Shoulder diameter; .425 in (10.8 mm)
  10. Base diameter; .425 in (10.8 mm)
  11. Rim diameter; .425 in (10.80 mm)
  12. Rim thickness; .055 in (1.40 mm)
  13. Rifling twist; 1 in 10,63 in (270 mm) 
  14. Primer type; Small pistol magnum
  15. Max pressure; 50,763 psi


The 7.5 FK cartridge hits targets with high speed and force while being accurate and having reasonable recoil. Some sample ballistics for the 7.5 FK round are:

– Bullet weight: 95 grains

– The muzzle speed (velocity) is 2,000 ft/s (feet per second)

– Muzzle energy is 850 ft-lbf  

– Trajectory; At 100 yards, the bullet path is -1.3 inches.

– Recoil energy: 8.5 ft-lbf  

The 7.5-fk Brno has a flat trajectory, which makes it easier to shoot correctly at longer distances. The recoil is also easy to control, which makes it easier to shoot correctly over long periods. 

It is essential to know that the 7.5 FK ammo’s ballistics can change based on gun length, bullet weight, type, and weather. Therefore, it is vital to test the ammo in your gun to see how well it works and how accurate it is.


The effective range of 7.5 FK ammo can change based on things like the bullet’s weight and type, the barrel’s length, and the weather. Nevertheless, the 7.5 FK cartridge has a valuable range of about 100 yards (about 90 meters) for shooting and self-defense. Importantly, the ammo has a flat trajectory, making shooting at long distances easy. 

It is important to remember that the effective range of the 7.5 FK cartridges also depends on the user’s skill level and the situation of each shooting. In addition, the type of bullet can also affect the effective range of this ammunition. 


7.5 FK ammo is a multifunctional cartridge suitable for various applications, including hunting, self-defense, and target shooting. Here are some of the ways that 7.5-FK ammo can serve:

First, the 7.5 FK load is suitable for hunting medium-size games, including pigs, coyotes, and deer. The cartridge’s high velocity and energy allow it to be effective at greater distances, but the round’s flat trajectory and moderate recoil make it simple to fire effectively.

Second, it serves self-defense purposes. Despite its tolerable recoil, the cartridge’s tremendous velocity and energy make it efficient in stopping threats.

Third, the 7.5-FK ammo is a recreationally and professional ammunition suitable for target shooting. Long-range shooting is possible because of the cartridge’s flat trajectory and high accuracy, and the moderate recoil means you can keep shooting for longer without fatigue.

To sum up, the 7.5 FK Brno is a flexible and multifunctional load.


The 7.5 FK ammunition is more effective and powerful than the 9mm Luger. The 7.5 FK’s superior accuracy and penetration result from its high muzzle velocity and energy. However, the 9mm cartridge is more common because it is cheap and easy to find. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and the intended usage of the handgun when deciding between the two cartridges.


In conclusion, the 7.5 FK ammo is new, versatile, and applicable in several shooting situations. It serves for target shooting, self-defense, hunting, and other things because of its high speed, flat direction, low recoil, and deep impact. 

Overall, the 7.5 FK ammo is a good choice for those who want a round that works well and is durable. Place your order of this new performance cartridge at our store today and 10% discount on bulk orders. We are in stock. Buy now..