So do you need ammo with more power and impact? If the answer is yes, then the 458 SOCOM Ammo for sale is an excellent fit for you. The good news is that we have the .458 SOCOM ammo in stock so you can buy it in our shop. Place your order now!

Why is it called the 458 SOCOM?

SOCOM emerged from the special operations command and initiated the idea and ambition to produce the round while .458 refers to the cartridge diameter of .458 inches.

458 Socom Ammo Origin

The 458 Socom Ammunition was designed for great power suitable for military, big game, and self-defense. Marty ter Weem invented the 458 SOCOM caliber to address the poor performance of the M855 round for the M4 carbine and M16 rifle, which needed multiple shots to incapacitate an opponent on the war front.
The solution to this problem was to design ammo with more power and impact. As a result, the design of the 458 SOCOM Ammo for sale is such that its shots hit hard but at short/close range. In 2000 the .458 SOCOM was developed to upgrade the standard AR-15/M4/M16 rifles.
A carbine in the 458 SOCOM differs mainly in the bolt and barrel and shares common parts with the carbine 223/5.56. In the same way, a gun owner can build or buy carbine in the caliber; they can equally make or buy an upper receiver in 458, substituting uppers to shoot bigger and more massive with a more significant impact. One of the benefits of this ammo is that it takes 30 seconds or less to convert. So get yourself the 458 SOCOM AMMO FOR SALE at and enjoy excellent delivery.

What is the 458 Socom Ammo good for?

This ammo is excellent for massive short-range impact, often running out of shorter barrel guns. Teppo Jutsu, the company that worked on designing this round, stated that 9.5 inches were when total power burn is achieved. You can get the 458 Socom  Ammunition in our shop. You are just a click away from becoming the owner of the 458 Socom ammo in stock.

458 Socom Ammunition Specifications

Case type; Rebated rim, bottleneck
Parent case; .50action Express
Neck diameter; 12.32mm
Bullet diameter; 11.63 mm
Base diameter; 13.74mm
Shoulder diameter; 13.49mm
Rim diameter; 12.01 mm
Rim thickness; 1.04 mm
Overall length; 57.40 mm
Case length; 40.00mm
Primer type; large pistol
Maximum pressure; 35,000 psi
Rifling twist; 1 in 14”.

Ballistic Performance

For every bullet type of a 458 SOCOM Ammo, there is a velocity and kinetic energy.
1.  For the 250gr bullet, it covers 655 m/s with energy of 2,565 ft-lbf;
2. 300gr covers 580 m/s with an energy of 2496 ft-lbf;
3.  325 gr covers 566 m/s with energy of 2496 ft-lbf;
4.  405 gr covers 489 m/s with energy of 2322 ft-lbf;
5.  600 gr covers 304.8 m/s with energy of 1336 ft-lbf.
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458 Socom Ammo Uses

Hunting Big game; the amount of kinetic energy projected by the .458 Socom ammo is great for big animal games, especially North American animals like bears, wild pigs, and dears. Therefore, this round is preferable for big games, as the 458 SOCOM Ammo will destroy smaller animals. However, due to the ability of the ammo to change from upper to lower caliber, a quick substitute to 5.56/.223 gives way to hunt smaller game if they appear.
Short-range engagement; 458 SOCOM heavy cartridge is designed for rapid velocity distance and short-range shooting.
Military Application; this cartridge is remarkably effective for military Applications as it delivers a massive amount of energy on targets.
Self-defense; given the 458 SOCOM ammo for sale is designed to have a devastating effect when shot at close range thanks to its massive kinetic energy, this makes the ammo excellent for self-defense. Buy the 458 SOCOM Ammo for sale in our store and enjoy the best rates. We sell this ammunition at the most competitive prices in the market.

Best Rifles for .458 SOCOM Ammo

The 458 SOCOM ammo for sale was invented for the M4 rifle and can run in almost any M4 on the condition that the upper carbine is specific for this cartridge. The positive point is that the lowers and the magazine are interchangeable with the bullet.
Some rifles for the 458 SOCOM Ammo are; Rock River arms car A4 LAR-15M, Wilson Combat Recon Tactical, and the CMMG Resoluts, the standard AR-15 rifle built to incorporate the 458 SOCOM.


Great Ballistics;  458 SOCOM Ammunition can fire ranging from 250 to 600 grain 458 caliber cartridge in a lightweight, controllable package and offers the practical ballistics of the legendary 45-70 in a modern AR platform firearm.
Massive destruction power; when shooting bullets in the range of 250gr – 400 gr, the killing power is destructive, especially when hunting big or medium games. The 458 SOCOM ammo’s peak downrange performance is when firing 300 gr bullets in the 1750fps- 1800fps velocity range.
Tactical; The 458 SOCOM FOR SALE in stock from our shop can launch a 500-600 gr cartridge at subsonic velocity, making it recommended for tactical or suppressed use.

Short Barreled Rifle (SBR) and Suppressor Integration

One of the most significant pluses of the 458 SOCOM AMMO IN Stock is that you can use it in an SBR without or with a suppressor. It was designed for its users to experience the full strength of a burn in 9.5 of barrel length.
Custom build; the ability to customize a 458 SOCOM  is one of its great benefits, and it takes only two different parts to achieve this: barrel and bolt.
It saves Money; a gun owner can shoot two different rifles while possessing a single rifle.
It saves time; you can convert the rifle in 30 seconds or less. Buy your 458 SOCOM AMMO FOR SALE at our store and impress your friends at your next big game.

Final note

If you are looking for a high-end caliber round that is suitable for home defense, hunting and has a devastating impact on the target, the 458 SOCOM AMMO for sale is a perfect option. You can buy one with today by shopping in our store.

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